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Why We Do What We Do

Updated: Jan 17

At Heritage Farm, our deep passion for what we do is rooted in our desire to share the extraordinary blessings that this farm has provided us. Serving as stewards of this special place, which embodies our heritage of faith, family, and working the land, is a wonderful opportunity gifted to us by God.

The decision to host weddings, farm stays, and events is driven by our earnest wish for others to partake in the unique beauty and serenity that Heritage Farm offers. It's a haven set apart from the hustle and bustle of our busy world, where God's beauty, the promise of salvation, and the gift of peace are vividly evident.

Our commitment is to lovingly care for Heritage Farm, creating an environment where guests can momentarily escape the stresses of life. As caretakers, we aspire to provide a sanctuary where others can celebrate life's precious moments, surrounded by the tranquility and love that radiate from this place.

Our fervent prayer is that everyone who visits Heritage Farm will not only witness its physical beauty but also experience the profound love of God. May they leave with a renewed perspective, cherishing the things that truly matter in life. Heritage Farm is not just a venue; it's a sanctuary of love, peace, and cherished moments.


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