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A rustic, elegant venue for your special day… with all the modern amenities you require! The grounds are yours for the whole weekend.

Heritage Farm is truly a special place for your special day.

Next Steps

Planning a wedding and don't know where to start? Follow the steps below!

  • How Many Guests Can You Accomodate?
    We can accomodate up to 250 guests.
  • What About Parking?
    We can easily accomodate over 100 cars
  • Are tables & chairs included?
    Yes, they are included (including linens) for up to 160 guests. For each guest over 160, add $5 per person. The tables are round (6' diameter) with 8 chairs per table. Also included are rectagular tables for the bridal party. The tables and chairs will be set up by Heritage Farm according to a seating plan provided by the client. Seating for the ceremony is included. For the ceremony, we provide 12 foot-long amish style church benches. Price includes set-up to your plan.
  • Are side panels available for the reception tent?
    Windowed side panels are available for all four sides of the tent. We will put them up as needed.
  • What about dancing?
    Dancing can take place on the concrete floor of the recption tent or in the welcome barn. We recommend at least a 10' x 20' area designed into the floor plan.
  • Are any of the buildings temperature controlled?
    The groom's cabin has a gas heating stove and fireplace and a portable air conditioner upstairs. The bride's house is fully climate controlled. The Reception Barn & Bar is not heated except for the serving area. Patio style heaters for the barn are available for you to use. You just need to pay for the cost of the fuel.
  • Is ther a deposit?
    Yes. To reserve your date you will need to make a $1200 non-refundable deposit four our standard package and a $1500 deposit for our ultimate package. Add the refundable security deposit of $350 to each package.
  • What about sales tax?
    We are required by the state to collect sales tax for the renting of our venue. Tax is 7% of the entire rental fee. This will collected at your final payment.
  • How long do we get to set up and tear down?
    You get the afternoon before and the full day of your event to set up and tear down (we will set up all the tables and chairs for you). Music needs to be lowered at 10:00 pm and your event must be over by 11:00 pm. If there is no event the next day, you can come and finish or pick up items between 10am – 12 noon.
  • Do you have an in-house caterer or do we furnish our own?
    You are free to use your own caterer. We have a list of preferred vendors for your review, but you are free to choose your own vendors as long as they can provide appropriate liability insurance.
  • Can I bring my own alcohol?
    You are allowed to have BEER & WINE ONLY at Heritage Farm – no hard liquor. You must hire a licensed vendor (we have a list if you need it) and licensed bartenders. YOU OR YOUR GUESTS MAY NOT BRING IN YOUR OWN ALCOHOL.
  • May I bring my own decorations?
    Yes! Nothing is to be permanent or damaging to the property. You have Friday and Saturday prior to your wedding to decorate. In addition, we have a few decorations you are free to use.
  • Can we use candles?
    Yes, as long as they are covered in a votive glass or hurricane glass. Candles must be in the center of the tables and not near any flamable objects.
  • Is there a place for the bride and groom to get ready?
    The bride and her party are welcome to use the guest house to relax and get ready. The 19th century log cabin serves as the groom's cabin during the day of the wedding. A bath with shower is included. Remember – you cannot bring your own alcohol.
  • What about restrooms?
    We have two single-toilet restrooms with flushing toilets and sinks. There is also a toilet in the log cabin.
  • What if it rains on my wedding day?
    Rain is a high probability in the months of April, May, June, September and October. If you have to, we can always move the ceremony inside the tent cabaret style which is where all guests sit at their reception seats to view the ceremony. Of course, we will be keeping our fingers crossed for a beautiful sunny day!
  • What do I need to do to book Heritage Farm?
    We require a non-refundable $1200 deposit for our standard package or a $1500 deposit for our ultimate package and a signed contract as well as a $350 security deposit before your date can be secured. The remaining balance is due 1 month before the event.
  • Can I come by to see the property?
    Of course! All tours are by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment here.
  • Are you completly insured?
    Yes we are! Howerver, we do require an additional certificate of liability insurance from you for $1 million coverage.
  • What is the cost for a 2022 wedding?
    If you book before the end of 2021, the rate ist $3750 for our standard package and $5900 for the ultimate package. The price is subject to change if booked in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

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