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Harvest Hosts New Mascot

We've been part of the Harvest Host network of over night stays for RV'ers for the past 4 years. Harvest Hosts offers it's members an extensive online directory of farms, wineries, museums and golf courses that offer overnight parking for RVs. Many alpaca farms and ranches have joined this network to host people on their property and give their guests an introduction to alpacas and shop in their farm stores. You can find out more about Harvest Host here. If you are already a Harvest Host member you can also see our listing here.

This is how Harvest Host is introducing HaRVey:

"I’m HaRVey, the Harvest Hosts Alpaca! I wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I live on the Funny Farm in Unalaska Island, AK. A fun fact about me is that I make the Funny Farm a funny farm because I specialize in dad jokes! My favorite jokes to tell are Yo Llama jokes. Since I normally live in Alaska, my favorite place to travel is to a sunny beach, but only when I’m freshly shorn. Want to go with me next time? "RV" is at the center of my name and is at the heart of what I love. You get the RV, and ALPACA my bags! I look forward to getting to know you all! "


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