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Birthday Parties at Heritage Farm

Traditional Party Package

$250 (up to 8 children); $15 per additional child up to 15 maximum:

  1. Food first, then interact with the alpacas.

  2. One activity, choose from:

         a) Alpaca trek (20 minute walk with an alpaca on a lead)

         b) Farm scavenger hunt

         c) Fiber art project (soap felting, fiber nesting balls, etc)


Traditional Party with Pizza Package

$350 (up to 8 children); $25 per additional child up to 15 maximum:

  1. All the items of the traditional party plus guests will each create their own pizza which will be baked in a firewood pizza oven.

  2. Guests will have a variety of pizza toppings to choose from: pepperoni, cheese, sausage


Additional Party Add-ons

  • Wagon Ride for entire group; $25 per group

  • Photo buttons or magnets with pictures of one of the Heritage Farm animals; $5



  • Party Duration: 1 ½ - 2 hours

  • Set-up time prior to party: 20-30 minutes to set-up, decorate, bring food and drinks, etc

  • Party Size: 4-15

  • Ages: 4 and older

  • Required:

  • Parental guidance (usually 1 adult per 3-4 children)

  • Closed toe shoes, farm/weather appropriate clothing

  • Waiver must be signed

  • No pets (Service animals need to be agreed upon prior to event)

  • No alcohol allowed on property

Heritage Farm will provide the following:

  • Tables for food and gifts, chairs

  • Restroom and hand washing facilities

  • Trash receptacles and removal

  • Heritage Farm personnel to assist with animal handling and party activities

  • Pizza and toppings (if pizza package is selected)


The Party Host will provide the following:

  • Food (for Traditional and any food other than pizza in Traditional/Pizza Party package)

  • Drinks

  • Table coverings

  • Plates, flat ware

  • Cake/cupcakes

  • Decorations

  • Sunscreen, if appropriate

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