12 Essentials for Your Rustic Farm Wedding

April 6, 2017

Fall is the most popular time of year for having weddings on our farm. Although spring or summer weddings are popular, country brides are prone to fall weddings for the cooler weather, gorgeous colors and many options for decorating. This being said, there are 12 things that should absolutely be on display at your rustic autumn wedding this year.


  1. Mason Jars
    For drinking, flowers, games or candles! These down-home glass beauties are the perfect way for you to add your own flare on your big day. We have a couple of cases of jars that you are welcome to use!


  2. Wild Flowers
    Design a big, flowing bouquet for yourself and let your bridesmaids carry a daintier, freer side of the floral arrangement. Wild flowers come in so many shapes, sizes and colors that you're sure to find anything to mix and match to perfection.

  3. Lanterns
    Put that gorgeous sunset behind your ceremony as a backdrop and give your guests something to remember with classic, country-style lanterns at their feet or even above their heads! Mood lighting and class come together in lanterns of all sizes.

  4. Natural Centerpieces
    Round slabs of wood make for beautiful dish holders and small, round branches hold tea lights candles in a naturally romantic way! We have 20 or so round log slabs you can use!

  5. Burlap & Lace
    The neutral colors will match anything your heart desires and brings some country chic to your wedding. Click the picture below to read our Burlap Guide article.


  6. The Gift Wagon
    People will, of course, be bringing you gifts, so why not make them part of the decorations? Load up an old rustic wagon with your goodies and display them!

  7. An Open Field
    When you think country, you think of wide open spaces. When you think wedding, you think picturesque. When you think love, you think of limitless possibilities. Pick an open landscape for your venue; it will feel huge to your guests and make the perfect backdrop for any picture.  At Heritage Farm, we have several lovely open areas for you to choose.

  8. The Color Orange
    Even if it isn't your favorite color, your fall wedding should definitely include some orange! Not only will it pop against the suave burlap and lace you laid out, but it will tie in all those autumn party favors. Pumpkins, sunflowers, the sunset…you name it and orange does it.

  9. Window Menu
    Let your guests know what delicious treats you have in store for them on an antique window. This signage is adorable and makes for an awesome decoration. Adding to the chic, the antique window menu is a Pinterest and country girl favorite.  You can also hang windows from the edge of the reception tent.  We have about a dozen of these windows in various sizes you can use.


  10. A Photo Clothesline
    Hang photos of you and your new hubby on clothesline throughout your venue! Create a timeline of all the beautiful memories you have shared together and get ready to make some more.

  11. A Barn
    Every country girls go-to place. Barn pictures always turn out absolutely gorgeous and it's a great way for guests to take a break from the sun or weather some rain.

  12. Cowboy Boots
    Because what country chic wedding would be complete without the perfect pair of boots to kick the dust up?