June Flowers

June 19, 2016

Heritage Farm is beautiful year round.  Each season paint a slightly different picture of color with different flowers being in bloom.  We will attempt to post pictures of our gardens each month so you can see what is in bloom at the time of your wedding.  Here is what is in bloom the middle of June.

 The purple salvia (center) has just finished blooming but will start all over in a few weeks.  The golden heuchura (coral bells) at the right keeps the golden yellow color year round.  

 The Stella d'Oro daylilies just starting blooming full force last week and will continue much of the summer.  The Old-Fashioned daylilies are blooming as well.  Each perfect bloom on the Old-Fashioned daylily lasts one day, but each plant easily produces 50 blooms or more for a profusion of new orange beauty, day after day.


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