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Vicuña Chaccu 2019

Updated: Jan 17

The Quechua Benefit Tour of 2019 provided a unique glimpse into the captivating tradition of the vicuña Chaccu in the Peruvian highlands. In the community of Picutani, a centuries-old ritual unfolds as the locals gather for the Chaccu—a meticulous round-up of wild vicuñas. During this ceremony, participants herd, catch, and shear the vicuñas before releasing them back into their natural habitat. Rooted in pre-Columbian times, the Chaccu is a ceremonial event, featuring offerings of vicuña wool to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Apus (Mountain Spirits), symbolizing fertility for crops and animals in the upcoming year. Remarkably, the proceeds from the sale of vicuña wool are donated to the communities involved, fostering conservation efforts for these magnificent creatures. With vicuña wool commanding high prices on the global market, the Chaccu ritual not only preserves tradition but also supports sustainable practices and local communities.


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