New Vaulted Ceiling in Cabin

The next project in the log cabin makeover is a new board covering for the vaulted ceiling upstairs. The original ceiling was poplar board shiplap installed underneath the hand-hewn girts. We hated to cover up the old logs so we chose to install the new ceiling underneath the sloped rafters. Tim stained 1440 lineal feet of 1 x 8 car siding and then followed with a dry-brushed coat of white-wash to make the ceiling look like it's been there a while. Next, we'll install a few strands of LED strip light on top of the logs to illuminate the ceiling. The picture shows our contractor, Andy Ladd and his helper install one of the last few white-washed ceiling boards.

Farm Indiana Article About Our Farm

Genealogy has become a lucrative global enterprise as families seek roots that anchor and ties that bind. In Indiana, those roots often were first planted in farmland and have continued to grow and flourish throughout subsequent generations. These rural ancestral ties most often include not just land, but also historic structures: farm homes that harbored generations of families, and barns that once dotted Hoosier landscapes. It was both the land and historic buildings that drew Tim and Beth Sheets to the 120 acre Flora farm on which she grew up. It is pride, heritage and now a herd of alpacas - that make them stay. "We came up with the name, Heritage Farm, based on both our families' agric

‘Getting hitched’ at Alpacas of Anza Valley Ranch offers unique photo opportunities

When Ashley Williams visited the Roy’s alpaca ranch last year at one of their Alpacas of Anza Valley Open Ranch Days, she fell in love, not only with those fuzzy cute alpaca faces but the landscape itself. Returning home to the San Diego area her creative mind began to see possibilities. A photographer by trade she could imagine using the local flora and fauna and cute alpacas in a photo shoot that spoke everything wedding. From floral arrangements, place settings, invitations, bridal gown, groom’s tuxedos, the ceremony setting, to the couple’s table and reception area, all would take on a new look at the Roy’s alpaca ranch. Read More -->>>

19 Clever Ways to Use Mason Jars at Your Wedding

A recent Harper's Bazaar article recently declared that Mason jars "are back" when it comes to rustic wedding decor trends - but for us country dwellers, they never really went away. Here are some of the most genius ways to incorporate canning jars in your wedding day. By the way, we have several cases of jars that are available to use as your imagination sees fit! See More Ideas -->

How to Decorate for a Barn Wedding

The idea of a barn wedding is fairly new. Ten years ago, no one would’ve believed you if you had said you were going to get married in a barn…well, I’ve got news for them, times have changed! So, how do you go about decorating for a barn wedding, one might ask. Perhaps you’ve never attended one and have no idea how to give a barn that charming look you picture at your wedding. Well, having attended several myself, I’d be happy to fill you in on seven simple tips. Read on-->

Cabin Sink and Beverage Center

The outdoor sink and beverage center on the cabin deck is almost complete. Just need to cut out the door underneath the sink and attach some strap hinges. The sink is a very heavy concrete utility sink taken from a friend's old barn milkhouse. The cabinet was made from old barn door siding from the lean-to we are tearing down on our barn. The countertop is cast concrete. We think it turned out pretty good!

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